10 Good Reasons

Excellent Service
Clients receive a reply within 2 hours of calling – most inquiries are handled immediately. If an answer is not available quickly, the client will know when it will be made available.
Personal Services
Clients do not need to worry. Your employees deal with the same personal service representative, 90% of employee questions and problems are resolved within 24 hours.
Innovative Programs
Value added technology, streamlines administrative time!
An online Benefits Website, which includes Billing, Census, Benefits Statements and Enrollment Programs (Brokers Suite), and a Human Resources Program (Vcore HR) are available to all clients, on a negotiated basis.

How does this website benefit your company?
The Online System saves HR employees time from the everyday, simple requests received from employees, which quickly become time wasters. The enrollment program is great for multiple employer locations. The Vcore program keeps HR up to date on all HR laws in all states.

Market Knowledge
Two River Benefits understands each market for employee benefits plans from 25 to 1,000 employees. Why? Because three of our staff have over 30 years of Insurance Company management experience serving both large and small life groups, ranging from the individual entrepreneur to employee groups numbering 5,000 employees.

How does market knowledge benefit your company?
TRB uses its many contacts in the insurance and pension industries to seek and create the best value and the best program for each client. We understand how the insurance and pension companies operate, is we have worked for many of the companies.

Cost Control & ROI Improvement
Because we understand the challenges of running a business, we provide you with the tools and plan design that can boost the bottom line:

  • Excellent benefit cost control
  • Improved management productivity
  • Legal compliance
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Cutting edge technology
Code of Conduct
Two River Benefits has adopted a “Code of Professional Responsibility and Conduct,” which emphasizes our commitment to the highest ethical standards among our employees and in our business endeavors.
Privacy Policy
We protect the company’s assets, trade secrets and proprietary information. We protect the security of our data and treat client and carrier information as private and confidential. Our company is HIPAA compliant, and we have full cyber security handbook, and cyber liability insurance in the case of a cyber breach.
Annual Reviews of All Plans
A review of the plan design and experiences each year for all products. 401K clients receive an Annual Fiduciary review, to protect the fiduciaries of the plan from legal action.
All renewals from providers are closely scrutinized, to obtain the lowest possible premium and service fees for each product, considering the value of the services provided.

Needs Analysis Questionnaire
The Two River Benefits questionnaire is designed to help us determine your personal and company benefits needs, and how we can satisfy them.
Long Term Relationships / Customer Relations
Many of our present clients are former clients with previous firms with which we have done business. Although TRB has been helping clients since February 2002, we serve clients from companies that David has worked with since 1993. You can be sure that we will help you any time you need us.