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Consumer Directed Health Plans

Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDHP) Plans typically extend a certain freedom of choice to the consumer in selecting additional coverage to complement the Major Medical Plan they have selected. Shown below are the areas of coverage that Two River Benefits can help you select from:

Medical Plans

Health Reimbursement Account
CDHP (Consumer Directed Health Plans) generally are issued with a $2,500 individual deductible for singles and a $5,000 deductible for families. Only employers can fund the HRA Account and employer contributions are tax deductible for the employer. The HRA Account reimburses claim expenses up to the deductible limit. After the deductible limit has been reached, claims are reimbursed on an 80/20 co-payment basis. Claims are reimbursed at 100% after the out-of-pocket expense has been reached. At the end of the fiscal year, unused balances in the HRA Account revert back to the employer. In 2006 for Horizon BCBS, an average of only 40% of the HRA Account balance reimbursed claims; the remaining 60% was returned to the employer.
Health Savings Accounts
The individual employee owns the HSA, though both employer and employee can contribute to the account. At the end of the year, the employee can carry over any balance to the following year. HSA are considered portable. An HSA is generally exempt from taxes - earnings on the amount in an HSA are not included in income tax while held in the HSA. With an HSA, there is no "use-it-or-lose-it" provision.

See the comparison of HRA/HSA/FSA plans provided by Savoy Associates.

CDHP Health Plans generally save 30 - 50% vs. Major Medical renewals.

Dental & Vision

Dental PPO
Group plan offering a large dental network, two year guarantee, and pooled renewals. For full-time workers, who are defined as working 20+ hours per week.
Dental DMO
Group plan available for part-time and temporary workers. Dental HMO plan consisting of a selected network.
Available discount card offered with dental programs. Discounts at major optical retailers.

Two Rivers Benefits can also help you with disability programs and pension planning

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