Two River Benefits Consultants, LLC was founded in 2002 with a group of consultants who specialize in statutory disability insurance pool programs, retirement plans, and financial planning services for employers in New Jersey and New York.




David Koch

CEO and Founder of Two River Benefits Consultants


Gordon Frederick

Chris Lee

Christina Liccardi





EVP Sales and Marketing

Director of Administration

Office Service Manager


Our goal is to educate and serve each individual client, to empower them in making the best possible decision in meeting their Group Insurance and Pension needs.


Two River Benefits has adopted a "Code of Professional Responsibility and Conduct," which emphasizes our commitment to the highest ethical standards among our employees and in our business endeavors. We act fairly and honestly with each insurance company. WE DO NOT accept gifts that influence or obligate us to an Insurance Company.

Subsidiary Firm

As the economy and workforce trends changed a subsidiary firm was launched, TEKcare, LLC.

With the launch of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the many complexities that it involved for businesses, TEKcare was formed in 2011 to work with employers of contingent workforce across the nation.