Two River Benefits Consultants create strong partnerships with each of our clients. Our consultants strive to be simply "THE BEST" employee benefit broker to our clients. We do not intend or wish to be "all things to all clients," and we will maintain our concentrated focus. Our distinguished client community includes employers in a wide variety of industries in New Jersey and metro New York and we pride ourselves on our service - our client retention rate for the past five years has been 98%.

All of our contributory and voluntary benefit plans, described on other pages of this site, share two common themes:

  • To relieve you of the burden of dealing directly with insurance companies.
  • To effectively communicate to your employees an understanding of their benefits.

We strongly believe the client-broker relationship
must be based on Mutual Respect and Trust.


We are committed to building our reputation by creating distinct advantages for our clients. Our service teams collaborate, first and foremost, for the benefit of each individual client and our statutory disability benefit insurance and pensions solutions are developed based on each individual employer's needs and requirements.

  • Employee benefit brokers for group employee benefits, statutory disability benefits, and pension planning.
  • All financial information is reported ethically and in a timely manner.
  • We represent our consulting services and the insurance market products accordingly.
  • As independent employee benefit brokers we do not represent individual insurance carriers.

We Deliver What We Promise.
We Do Not Compromise Our Ethics.



We create market competition to benefit our clients. We recommend insurance company products based on our Client's specific needs and the profiles of insurance companies:

  • financial strength
  • risk expertise
  • service capabilities
  • claim payment history
  • limits
  • coverage
  • terms and conditions

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