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Obama is looting the Treasury to pay off insurers

Dave Koch reviews the February 21st article “Obama is looting the Treasury to pay off insurers” by Betsy McCaughey in the New York Post.

Obama is looting the treasury to pay off the COOP Insurers he created with the ACA.

Marco Rubio stopped these payoffs to the COOP’s to try and kill the ACA in 2015 with a bill. A pretty strong strategy, as it is killing many of the COOP’s and United Healthcare.

On February 12, 2016, President Obama found the money in one of the reinsurance tax fees they are charging all employers, and is paying them out of the treasury – a very sketchy move as he really does not have this authority, Congress does.

President Obama is protecting his legacy at all costs. Expect Hillary and Bernie Sanders to do the same if elected. As Obama has said in the past, “Elections have consequences”, so be careful who you vote for if you are on one side or the other on the ACA issue.

We are here to keep you informed on the ACA.

Dave Koch

read the full article in the New York Post

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