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Two River Benefits can help employers in New Jersey and New York give employees the appropriate coverage in the case of disability and save employers money with temporary disability insurance, contributory benefit plans for critical illnesses, long term care, group life insurance, business disability buy-out policies, key employee disability polices and workers compensation.

Temporary Disability Insurance Plans for Employers in NJ and NY

The State of New Jersey and the State of New York both require all employers to cover their New Jersey and New York employees with temporary disability insurance. The state plan requires both the employer and the employee to make contributions based on an inflation-indexed wage base. Two River Benefits has a private plan that can save employers money by reducing the employer contribution, while the employee contribution remains the same. The employee, should they file a claim, receives a much faster reimbursement (10 business days) from a private carrier than the average 4 to 6 week waiting period associated with the state plan.

Contributory Benefit Plan for Critical Illnesses

A contributory benefit plan that offers a lump sum payment upon diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, end stage renal kidney failure, permanent paralysis, coronary artery bypass surgery, and cancer. The money can be spent on ordinary living expenses as well as medical expenses, such as co-pays, out-of-network payments, etc. Riders for spousal and child coverage are available. Rates are set based upon age and smoking preference. A census is required to obtain a quote.

Long Term Care

A cost effective option to improve employee benefits by resolving one of today's most pressing issues - how to care for a spouse's or a parent's long term care needs. Long Term Care (LTC) can be voluntary (employee paid) or contributory (employer paid) with buy-up options. LTC policies offer guaranteed issue, inflation indexing and portability. Long Term Care insurance includes in-home, assisted living and nursing home facilities. Statistics indicate that 65% of long term care patients are over age 65, the balance being younger. A census is required to obtain a quote.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life policies offer guaranteed issue and can be either term life, whole life or universal life. Life Insurance permits the employee to provide financial protection for their family, making it possible for the family to meet mortgage payments or college expenses or the various other critical living expenses. A census is required to obtain a quote.

Provides income protection in case the employee is injured or becomes seriously ill. There are two types of disability policies - short term and long term. Both of these group policies are guaranteed issue. Each includes rehabilitation and return-to-work incentives, including dependent care benefits. A census form must be completed to quote.

Two River Benefits also has available disability insurance,
which can protect the financial health of a business.

Key Employee

This policy indemnifies an employer for the additional cost of doing business upon the disability of a key employee.

Business Disability Buy-Out

This policy has a two-year waiting period and is designed for partnerships and closely held corporations. It is used to fund buy-sell agreements between partners and owners in the event of the total disability of one of them. The policies are designed to provide Lump Sum settlements to the survivors, in order to buy out the disabled partner.

Workers Compensation

For companies with a W/C premium greater than $100,000. Our partner, Unified insurance, may provide a potential cost savings. Complete and return the brief questionnaire to initiate the process.

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