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Staffing Employment Steady in First Quarter

News published on the American Staffing Association news.

The results from the post “Staffing Employment Steady in First Quarter” offs near proof to the information in the article “What Are the Benefits of Temporary Work” by Chris Joseph, StudioD and published on Small Business (powered by StudioD).

What they are both saying is that the need for temporary workers is on the rise. It is expected to be higher than 2015.

“Temporary and contract employment is an indicator of where the economy is today,” said Richard Wahlquist, ASA president and chief executive officer. “The good news at this stage in the current economic cycle is that staffing companies continue to report steady demand for temporary, contract, and permanent employees, providing job seekers with employment opportunities across a variety of sectors.”

Read the full articles “Staffing Employment Steady in First Quarter” and “What are the Benefits of Temporary Work“.

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