We know that Two River Benefits Consultants is doing a good job when we receive praise from the clients we serve. Here are just a few testimonials that attest to our professionalism and expertise in the benefits market. Learn more about why companies work with Two River Benefits.

"I have saved myself 50% of the premium for my company's (TRB) medical plan since May 2005, when I instituted a high deductible medical plan. Just so you know, I would not sell anything to my customers that I would not buy myself. Two customers told me that they did it (switched to a high deductible plan) because I had already done it - and they saved a great deal of money, too."

--Dave Koch, President, Two River Benefits Consultants, LLC

"Two River Benefits has been handling our disability program for over 10 years and they really know the market . . . honest about what they do and have saved us a lot of money." - - Bernie Clarkin, Joule, Inc.

"Two River Benefits helped me to understand the 401K/deferred comp plan in a way that no one else had before. They made it easy for me to make this critical decision for my business; I would highly recommend them to anyone." - - Kathleen Shelby, Flextime Solutions

(Since obtaining this testimonial, TRB has moved Kathleen's company to an HSA plan for medical and saved her company more money; and TRB became her broker on all coverage. She had been looking at placing in a 401k plan for 5 years - going without a 401k for that whole time - and every broker she spoke to told her she could not do it. We helped her achieve about a 90% participation rate in her 401k plan.)

"I love this HRA plan. It has saved us an absolute fortune." - - Dennis Schmaltz, President, Odyssey Services

"Our company had to go to the high deductible plan as medical costs have gone crazy. TRB estimates minimum savings of $100,000 below renewal costs of $354,000. And a maximum savings of $188,000 if we run like an average employer - over half the premium. We have a better plan than before on medical and we improved our Dental, Short-Term Disability plans and are considering other upgrades to benefits plans."
- - Rudy Sorrentino, CFO of EIC Associates

"I love getting the most value for my money! It's a pleasure working with Two River Benefits. . . Very responsive and they stay on top of the situation."
- - Polly McDonald, President, Teleresearch